Gallery: Joshua Trees at Sunset

I never tire of seeing a majestic sunset over Joshua Trees. It’s one reason I am totally in love with the Mojave Desert. It’s the only place in the world these trees grow. There may not be a better spot than inside Avi Kwa Ame.

Add to that scene the many other plant species such as cholla, yucca, creosote, the many grasses and shrubs that build the base surrounding these trees, and it’s nothing short of magical.

I chose color digital photography on this occasion, because the images were much darker than they look after editing. Raw gives me wonderful latitude in the shadows. I also took some wonderful images on black and white film during the day, I’ll post once developed. It just goes to show that any camera can have strength and/or weaknesses. They are tools that often serve different purposes.

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    • Pippa Richardson
    • I might never get a chance to visit the Mojave – thanks to your photographs I have had a glimpse of these majestic trees.

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