From the earliest moments of consciousness, I have been engaged with the profound query of how our collective makes its decisions on the urgent and weighty matters that define our communal existence. The intellectual backdrop of my youth, undoubtedly influenced by my father’s deep immersion in the study of constitutional law and the rich, often tumultuous, narrative of American legal developments, nurtured within me a yearning to understand and critique the architecture of our societal decision-making processes.

Engagement with the Boy Scouts, an institution not without its contradictions, did however, afford me an appreciation for the intrinsic value of our biosphere, a value that stands in stark contrast to the imperatives of a neoliberal framework that so dominantly shapes policy and behavior in contemporary society. This reverence was more than aesthetic; it was an awakening to the intrinsic interconnectedness of life, a realization that compelled me to look beyond the surface of things to the deeper truths.

As the seasons of life advanced, I found myself actively involved in the realm of political advocacy, employing the arsenal of my creative capacities — in web and graphic design, in the capturing of images, and the crafting of films. My activism, rather than being superficial, has been a sustained interrogation of the possibility for a transformative engagement with our ecology. It is grounded in the belief that there exist uncharted paths, paths that are more sustainable, more equitable, that beckon us to venture toward them.

It is my conviction that as a society, we stand at a precipice where the choice becomes stark — to continue along a trajectory that spells ruin for our planet and injustice for its inhabitants, or to boldly reimagine and reconstruct the foundations upon which we live and breathe, work and govern.


Collapse Curriculum

As a outdoor educator deeply attuned to the complexities of our times, I am a voice for resilience in an era of uncertainty. Recognizing the delicate balance of our modern world, I’ve dedicated my life to crafting a “collapse curriculum” — a robust guide for those who seek to not only revel in the splendor of the outdoors but also to be adeptly prepared for the unpredictable.

Collapse Curriculum YouTube

This is where I provide instruction on outdoor skills, important in an uncertain world.


McAffee Films

I am the producer and directer of a film series, Desert Apocalypse which has won Best Documentary at the Yucca Valley Film Festival, Texas Short Film Festival and the Silver State Film Festival. The films cover the conflict between the development of enormous solar energy projects in the Mojave Desert and the living ecosystems they would wipe out.

I received a bachelor of arts in film from Nevada State University in the spring of 2022. My first film, which inspired me to pursuit a film degree, was Great Basin Water Protecters (2018), which follows the story of Native people on a prayer run to protect water and land in the Great Basin from a 300 mile water pipeline.

More recently I released “If the Desert Tortoise Could Speak” where viewers experience the perspective of the imperiled reptile.


My work has been displayed in gallery spaces in the Las Vegas area, including the Clark County Wetlands Park and an award-winning photo at the Sahara West Library. My photographs have adorned the halls of government buildings and billboards and have been published in national outlets such as the LA Times and Forbes.

Creative Consultant

I do work specializing in website design, photography, video production and graphic design for a wide variety of clients.

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